Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The first post is always strange. Part of me feels like it ought to be an introduction, but part of me thinks it's really silly and self-absorbed to assume readers to whom I should introduce myself. Perhaps I'll strike a compromise and introduce this blog but leave myself alone.

in all likelihood i won't be using capital letters. it's not from lack of concern for the rules of grammar. i simply think capital letters are aesthetically displeasing and elitist. i'm not a grammar nazi...i'm a grammar marxist.

sometimes i may post recipes for either food or cosmetic products, or garment patterns. these are my sole property and i reserve all rights to them. feel free to copy for personal use, but if you post them elsewhere please let me know.
the same goes if i post images of my artwork. please be respectful of the time and effort that i have put into my creative endeavors, and don't reproduce without my consent.
bottom line: i'm more than happy to share, but won't be stolen from. cool?

i really enjoy differing opinions, so long as they are respectful. if you comment, i welcome your disagreement with my views but will not tollerate personal attacks. for that matter, if you can't rationally back up what you say, whether to agree or disagree with me, i'll probably delete it. i'm a big fan of logic, and thinking before one speaks/posts. if you feel that i am being personally offensive, please respectfully let me know and i will fix my offense.

i write for myself, first and foremost. i write because it is how i process my thoughts. this blog has no goal or intended audience. there are simply more thoughts than will comfortably fit inside my head, and i need a place to put them. you're free to read my thoughts, but they will always be mine and meant mostly for me. i hope that i think things which are interesting or provocative, but interesting or provoking a reader is not my goal.

my blog is named after a book by ernest hemingway. i highly recomend it. it is his memoirs of his life in paris with the great expatriate minds of the 20's.

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