Saturday, March 24, 2012

back in black

i've taken a long rest from blogging. i've taken a rest from a lot of things, and it has been good. the many, many stresses of last year/early this year caught up with me, and it took some time to detangle my head and heart. but things are looking decidedly up now, and i'm hankering to get back into the swing of blogging. for the sake of catching up, here are the highlights of the past month-ish.

* zoloft. zo-loft. for reals. after several bad guinea-pig type experiences with depression meds in my late teens, i was skeptical to say the least. but so far it has been amazing. three weeks in, on the very lowest dose, and i feel like myself again after months and months and months of feeling off. and it's safe while breastfeeding, and safe if i get pregnant again. i'm so glad i went to the doctor. i realized, once the zoloft kicked in, that i have been depressed for a lot longer than i thought. i think it's been since late in tony's deployment (late last summer), and recently it just got worse and became harder to function. my seemingly overwhelming to-do list has been disappearing at a grand pace, because it turns out the list wasn't overwhelming, rather life itself was overwhelming when i was depressed. it is so nice to not be overwhelmed by everything anymore.

* i found a mom's group on base, and have finally found some friends here. haven and i have been having playdates at least once a week, and i've gone on a couple of girl's nights with other moms. it's been the first time haven has been with a babysitter, and she has done really well. it's great to get a night off every few weeks to go have fun. haven is loving getting to play with other kids, and i am loving getting to play with other mommies.

* looks like we are moving to san diego in october. it's not set in stone (because nothing with the military is ever set in stone...last time they switched orders/bases on us a few weeks before we were supposed to move), but pretty certain. i'm excited, because i love san diego. i will love being by the beach, and the amazing weather, and all the stuff to do, and the great mexican food and sushi. i'm also nervous because it will be way too far to drive to visit family, and flying is expensive, so we will not be able to visit home nearly as often. but i'm ready to be a california girl, i think.

* pinterest. ohmygod, pinterest. that is all i can say about it. if i am still lax about blogging now, it will be because i am spending hours browsing pins.

it's good to be back to the blog. it's good to be back to my life.
now that we're caught up i've got some blogs rolling around in my head, so hopefully i'll avoid pinterest long enough to write some of them in the next few days.