Monday, April 4, 2011

i've had a lump in my stomach for weeks thinking about broaching the subject of vaccines (and how i'm not comfortable with haven getting some of them) to the pediatrician. she is a military doctor, and pretty mainstream and "by the book", so i've been worried that she'd be hostile to skipping vaccines. but today at haven's checkup i brought it up and was so pleasantly surprised. i told her i didn't want haven getting the flu, chicken pox, or measles/mmr shots and explained my reasons, and she was totally supportive. she told me there were three vaccines she thought were really important, but that the rest were totally discretionary as far as she was concerned. it was such a relief to not have to fight the issue. i know if tony is stationed overseas next then it may come up again, but for the next few years there is a load off my mind.

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