Saturday, December 4, 2010

back to ye olde blog

last time i posted my sweet baby was the size of a lima bean in my belly, and now she's 5 months old, 15lbs, and laughing and sitting. i barely remember being pregnant, or even the first two months after she was born. it all rushed by. here is my haven:

my internet is being a pain in the ass, but i'll post more pictures later. these first two are at birth, and 2.5 months.

i've got a lot of down time while haven nurses and naps, so i'm back to blogging. i'm typing this one-handed as she sleeps in my other arm. i am wicked good at doing things one-handed now. motherhood is hard - i can't remember not feeling tired, and there are a million things to worry about, and the house is always a wreck, and i feel like a dairy cow - but it is also so sweet. she smiles in her sleep and she strokes my hand when i'm nursing her, and it just melts my heart.
i don't have a lot of time anymore for painting or crochet or anything artistic. i barely have time to shower regularly. but i feel like raising haven is an art project on a massive scale. she is by far the coolest work i've ever created, and the most rewarding. every day she learns and does something new, and i am learning to see things in a new light as well. even things that i think are so mundane, like folding laundry, are new and wonderful to haven. each trip to the grocery store is an adventure. seeing her amazement at the world makes me rethink the things i take for granted. i call it "stopping to smell the diapers".

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