Saturday, December 4, 2010

an editorial to-do list

second blog of the day, because it feels good to have a place to write again. the first two months that haven was here, i didn't have any spare brain cells for writing. i was pretty much a milk producing zombie. then once she got on a schedule i started wanting to write again, but just didn't have the time. but life is getting more manageable by the day, and i feel like my soul will shrink a little if i don't start writing.
there is a lot on my mind, because i have so much down time where all i can really do while nursing is think. so here is a list of what i'm going to blog about, though not necessarily in this order, until my brain calms down:

*leaving christianity
*peter pan and miley cyrus
*don't ask/don't tell
*breasts are not the enemy
*feminist homemaking
*love and freedom
*'twilight', and how abuse got hip
*a defense of premarital sex
*history is not nonfiction

these will maybe be several blogs for each topic. they've been sitting in my head for a long time, and i won't be able to really sort them out until i've typed them out. so that's the plan. hopefully i'll start tomorrow, but it's the weekend and i may just spend time with hubby. definitely monday though. nap time for haven is going to be writing time for me.

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