Thursday, November 5, 2009

a begining

it's strange how unexpectedy life can change. i found out tuesday that i'm pregnant. whoa. what a bundle of emotions. i'm excited and nervous and worried and happy and scared and shocked. i look down at my belly and can't believe that there is a 1.5milimeter long life growing inside of it. my husband is really excited. we both want kids, and although ideally we would have waited another year or so, we are still really happy. i don't think there is ever a perfect time for a baby. there will always be stresses and worries involved. now was not the planned time, but we can make it a great time.
the whole thing still feels very surreal. i keep thinking that i'll wake up tomorrow and it will have been a dream. i've taken a test every morning for three days now, just to be sure. my first dr.'s appointment is tomorrow morning, where she'll confirm the pregnancy and tell my due date and all of that fun stuff. i can't wait. i think once she tells me i'm pregnant it will feel all the way real. so far i don't have any horrible morning sickness or anything like that. i'm having a hard time sleeping, and i've got massive heartburn and a craving for banana chips, but that's about it.
do i have to think of myself as a 'woman' now, instead of a 'girl'?
how will i protect this baby from all of the horribleness in the world?
so much is new.

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  1. all new things are usually the most beautiful.
    oh goodness, i am thrilled from the inside out by all that awaits you, twin!