Sunday, November 8, 2009

i've got you under my skin

i am 5.5 weeks pregnant, which means that my baby is almost the size of a small grain of rice, and busy developing a spinal cord and heart. by the end of this week his/her heart will start beating. that's pretty incredible. it's a little strange knowing that there is a life growing inside of me. i don't look pregnant and i don't particularly feel pregnant yet, but i'm not alone.....i feel a little schitzophrenic talking to my tummy at this point, but i want to get used to it. the baby won't have ears for weeks yet, but the second they develop i want my baby to hear how much it is loved.

i spent the weekend with my husband's family. they are amazing, and i'm really blessed to have great in-laws. my mother-in-law helped me catch up my laundry (i'm just too tired all the time to lug it to the laundromat), and pick out a good pre-natal vitamin. i wish i was closer to my own mom.

i'm really torn on the issue of the h1n1 vaccine. i know i'm really supposed to get it because being pregant puts me in the high risk category. but i'm worried because i have always had really bad reactions to vaccines. i'm extremely sensitive to mercury and actually had mercury poisoning a few years ago, and most vaccines contain mercury in one of the preservative ingredients (thimeresol). the CDC website said a version of the vaccine is available without thimeresol, but i don't know if it's available here in the middle of nowhere. and, even without the mercury issue, i still tend to get very sick from vaccines. i got full blown, contagious measles from the measles vaccine. i got yellow fever from the yellow fever vaccine. i could easilly get swine flu from the swine flu vaccine. i know that it's healthy for most people, but so are those other vaccines. i just don't know which is more dangerous: to not get vaccinated and risk the flu, or to get vaccinated and risk mercury poisoning or still getting the flu. i'm going to call the health department tomorrow and see if i can talk to someone about it, and at least see if they have the thimeresol-free vaccine available.

i get to see my husband again in two weeks, for thanksgiving. i'm flying up to DC for the holliday. i can't wait till i can move up there. january can't come soon enough. it's been a long year of being apart. in the 4.5 months that we've been married, we've only had 12 days together....though we've put them to good use (as evidenced by me being pregnant!). i'm really ready to live in the same place and really begin a life together.

it's strange to think how quickly and beautifully my life has fallen into place over the past year and a half. i met, fell in love with, and married the man of my dreams, and now we are starting a family. i never expected life to work out this way. i'm a lucky girl.


  1. Betsy...I've heard horrible things about the Swine Flu short, that its been produced too quickly and they took shortcuts and used some not so awesome chemicals....mainly one that has been linked to gulf war syndrome. I'm not gonna say all that I've heard is true, because lets face it, I'm not a scientist. But PLEASE PLEASE do lots of research (find independent sources)...especially if you have bad reactions usually! Don't get swine flu, ma'am!

  2. yeah, i've heard some dubious stuff as well. i'm gonna talk with the doc about it next week. it's sortof a damned if i do, damned if i don't situation. i will try my best not to get swine flu, or any other sort of flu. in general i am anti-flu.