Monday, November 30, 2009

news and junk

i haven't posted in a while. and, the way things are looking, prolly won't post again after this for a longer while.

*my skinny jeans no longer fit in the tummy :) i don't really 'show' yet, but i can feel the difference in all my waistbands. hooray!

*tony and i got a house on base, which is a huge relief. it's a two story townhouse style, with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a ginormous kitchen. i can't wait to move everything in in january and start really making it a home.

*i visited tony for thanksgiving, and we had dinner at my favorite aunt's house. i'm really looking forward to living near her. also, i made a fantastically yummy chocolate raspberry french desert tart with a name that i can't remember. it actually turned out, which is a first for me. i was quite proud of myself.

*i went shopping on black friday for the first time ever. it was crazy, but we got some sweet sweet deals like a mondo flatscreen tv for the new place.

*i am withdrawing from school this week. i feel a little silly for withdrawing 3 weeks from the end, but it's just too much. if it wasn't the hollidays, and if i wasn't moving, and if i wasn't pregnant, it would be fine. but the way life is, school is just too much. and i didn't have great grades this semester anyways. something had to give, and school is about the only thing that can. this way i don't stress myself to death, and my crappy grades don't get recorded, and i might actually have time to clean the apartment and buy and make some christmas presents.

*when i withdraw, i will be offline for a while. i have to give my school computer back, and my old computer is on the fritz. so i prolly won't be online between the end of this week and the 19th when tony gets here. sad day.

*my baby is now the size of a large olive, and has all it's organs and muscles (at least in their begining stages), and fingers and toes and eyelids and the start of a nose! the baby is growing a millimeter every day, which prolly explains why i'm so stinking tired and hungry all the time.

*i am so excited about christmas. it will be the first time in 9 years that all of my siblings will be together for christmas. i seriously cannot wait.

*tony gets leave from the 19th to the 3rd of january. that's two whole weeks together. it's pretty sad, but that will be the longest we've had together in a year. but, soon we will finally be able to live together.

that's all the news that's fit to print, i guess.

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  1. What a heck of a lot of sweet news though :) I can't wait for you to finally have your own home to open up to all the people you long to love on.